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The rapidly changing world has expanded our understanding of what it means to provide every child with an education that prepares them to be life ready. Students today must have experiences where they creatively solve complex problems, think critically, collaborate, communicate and demonstrate responsible citizenship. Henrico 21 is an overarching concept that embodies Henrico Schools’ commitment to ensuring all students are “life ready”. Henrico Schools celebrates examples of this Innovative Teaching and Learning from 72 schools and program centers with an annual community showcase.

Teacher 21

Annual Showcase of Quality Teaching

The night begins with the Teacher 21 ceremony. The ceremony celebrates teacher leaders who have created innovative learning opportunities for their students.

Student 21

Annual Showcase of Quality Learning

Once the Teacher 21 ceremony concludes we celebrate student Innovation and learning during the Student 21 Fair. Student 21 provides students with an opportunity to showcase their Henrico 21 projects for the entire Henrico learning community.

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Glen Allen High School

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Learning is...


Learners seek answers to questions whenever they are curious. They possess the technology and mindset to learn actively from home, school, and community.

Authentic & Connected

Learners ask questions and explore solutions to problems that are important to them and their world. They work with peers and members in their communities to contribute toward outcomes that matter.

Student Owned

Learners are agents of their own learning and have voice and choice in the learning process. They know how to set goals as well as assess, monitor, and reflect on their progress.

Community Supported

Learners understand the importance of relationships in their local, state, national, and global communities. They continuously refine the experience and attributes needed to solve complex problems and recognize future opportunities.

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